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Non-administration of drugs – confirmation of what is expected of candidates

Dear Colleagues,

We have received a number of queries about what is required when a candidate does not administer a prescribed drug.  We thought that it would be helpful to confirm what candidates need to do if they decide not to administer a drug.  They must select the correct code and sign to say that the drug has not been administered, as per the general instructions on the drugs charts.  They should do this on the chart in the space where the candidate would sign that the drug has been administered.  If it is a code 10, then they should also complete the relevant section at the end of the drugs chart.  This aligns with national safe practice, where it needs to be clear both the reason for not administering the drug and who made the decision.  Given the number of queries we have received, we wanted to make sure that this is clear to all candidates so please include this in any training that you deliver.